14 SNV Closing Concert flyer


6:30pm Friday, 4/4: The Closing Celebration for the 2014 Season for Nonviolence is an evening of music, readings, song and poetry recognizing the power of nonviolence from the perspective of each presenters' spiritual tradition. Hosted by Lane Interfaith Alliance, the event includes presenters from Hindu, Brahma Kumaris, Christian, Self Realization Fellowship, Jewish, Science of Mind, Buddhist, and Native traditions.

Held at Unitarian Universalist Church at 13th & Chambers
For information call 541-747-3887 or email shevachlambert@gmail.com








From Heart to Heart, the LIA sponsored column that appeared in the Register Guard for over ten years, was discontinued at the end of 2013 due to a steady decline in the number and quality of submissions that were available for publication. Perhaps after so many years, the kind of inter-faith cooperation that made From Heart to Heart possible needed to find a new avenue of expression.  We want to thank the hundreds of people whose personal insights and experiences helped illuminate the common beliefs shared by so many different spiritual traditions. We trust that the light they shed will continue to shine in a new lamp to help guide us along the paths that bring us together. 






















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OUR MISSION is to build a network of faith communities which works on and facilitates dialogue on matters of faith while developing a growing appreciation principles of our own individual faiths.